About Us

At Project Future our purpose is simple: we exist to create brighter futures one piece at a time. By focusing on the individual, we develop stronger pieces that in turn provide firmer support for the whole. By identifying issues early on, we tackle the tangibles that have been detrimental in the growth of our youth, our families, and our communities. Through education, college and career planning, adding mentoring and peer counselling, following up with job and life skills, we work together to create a blueprint for success and foster lasting change that strengthens the whole.

Founded in 2010 by our CEO/President, Michelle Metoyer, Project Future strives to providing solid foundations for inner city youth whose only need to achieve success is someone to believe in them and provide opportunities and structure. Project Future’s main purpose is to prepare our youth for their futures. We identify key areas in which to develop a game plan to ensure a successful graduation into adulthood. Our programs are divided into three core phases: Project Now, Project Transition, and Project Future. Each core deals with very specific needs. 

Our goal is to instill core values that will lead to success in higher education and career advancement.  Ultimately through giving, we will develop a culture of responsible adults who in turn use their resources and skills to give back.  

Project Future strongly believes that by investing time, resources and energy into today's youth, we are creating better futures for the communities we serve. We mentor. We counsel. We coach. We give back.We exist to create brighter futures.