Marvin Metoyer Memorial Scholarship

The Marvin Metoyer Memorial Scholarship is a fund that provides financial assistance to college students pursuing teaching credentials, or certificates and/or degrees in counselling or coaching. Eligible recipients are required to maintain a certain GPA, as well as complete volunteer hours to receive any funding. Recipients are eligible for 4 years and must complete a renewal application to receive continued assistance.

Casa de Hope

Casa de Hope is our transitional housing program for 18 - 24 aged youth who are forced to make it on their own after spending their past in foster homes. This program provides a temporary housing solution, while requiring participants to develop and complete a plan to gain full time employment, enroll in either; college courses, a certificate program or a trade, and seek permanent housing. While residing at Casa de Hope, residents will be required to pay rent, of which a portion will be returned to them when they move out.

Business Mentoring and Skills Programs

We have developed a Jr. MBA program: Future CEO. Future CEO is an MBA based curriculum that teaches participants the ins and outs of business management from creation, to development and implementation. Study sections include idea development, marketing strategy, staffing, accounting and customer relations. Additionally, we have programs that will provide assistance and training for those seeking to learn craft skills. We work with apprentices to help them get sponsored, purchase tools and ensure they successfully complete their programs.

Teen Mentoring Programs

Our Teen Mentoring Programs focus on the needs of our youth, separated by gender. We have successful mentors who have been there, done that and are now running their own businesses guiding these programs. The youth will learn about themselves, their communities and how to win at life. There are various incentives for those who successfully complete these programs including a summer event and/or vacation voted on by the participants.

Sports and Arts Programs

Staying fit, team activities and self-expression helps build character. Our sports and arts programs focus on accomplishing these goals. By sponsoring football, baseball and basketball teams, as well as tournaments, we ensure that our participants know how to work within a group setting, as well as stay active. Our arts programs provide classes for dance, voice and band. Our campuses provide the platforms for our youth to get out and play, and tap into their creative side.

PFI Campuses and Community Resource Centers

Project Future Campuses house all of our programs. They are essentially three buildings connected together. There is the main building, which is where the education and resource centers are located. This building holds classrooms, a library, computer lab and conference rooms. To the right of the main building is the administration office. This is where Project Future employees are located. The gym and performance arts center is located to the left of the main building. The building contains a gym, boys and girls locker rooms with attached weight rooms, a full length basketball court, dance and band studio. In the corridor between the main building and the gym and performance arts building is a recording studio. Outside of the campus holds football and baseball fields, as well as a tennis court.

Our Community Resource Centers are offices located within the communities where residents can come for counselling, access a computer lab and job board, and find out what’s going on where they live. CRC’s are managed by local residents who report to one of our Regional Managers.